How to Ship

A few simple steps will ensure your equipment arrives safely at APS:


1. Complete the Equipment Repair Form

Print and complete the APS Equipment Repair Form (.pdf) from our website and enclose it securely with your equipment for repair. You may substitute your own equipment repair form or a letter instead if needed. Please include the same information requested on the APS form.


2. Pack Your Equipment

  • Remove batteries and memory cards from equipment. Keep these items; do not send.
  • Install body and lens caps for protection, if available.

Place equipment in plastic bags and seal to protect from dust and moisture.

  • For multiple items, separate body, lens and flash, and cushion separately if shipping in the same shipping container.
  • Pack item(s) in a sturdy shipping box and allow for a few inches of packing material between equipment, all sides of box, and items within the box. Bubble wrap each item if possible and fill empty spaces with packing peanuts or other padding if available. Do not allow for empty air pockets inside the shipping container for the best protection during transportation. When closing shipping container, the packing material should be slightly compressed to keep equipment in place during shipping. Close and seal the shipping container securely.
  • Your chosen shipper may provide packing materials and assistance if needed.

Please note that shipping unnecessarily oversized packages may incur additional shipping charges as some shippers calculate dimensional “weight” into their shipping charges.


3. Ship Your Equipment

Ensure that APS’s shipping and your return address clearly appear on the package or shipping label. Remove any old shipping labels. We do not accept COD packages.

UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service Office deliver to us daily during normal business hours. We cannot accept priority deliveries outside our regular business hours. Check with your shipper for any shipping insurance and delivery confirmation you may wish to obtain.

Ship to:
Authorized Photo Service
8125 River Drive, Suite 100
Morton Grove, IL 60053 USA